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Public notary Yuliia Myroslavivna

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All notarial events are conducted as of the Notaries Act of Ukraine
and provides oral and written advice on questions:

Power of Attorney

Power of attorney for asset disposal (apartment, vehicle etc.), Delegable power of attorney, Power of attorney for legal representation in court and other institutions ...

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Certifying of real estate sale agreements, pledge and mortgage agreements, loan agreements, lease agreement of movable and immovable property ...

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Statements, apostille
and other certification

Certification of signature on statements (invitation of foreigners, about no marriage status, consent of wife/husband to make deeds ...

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Certification of wills; Commencement of inheritance case, issue of certificate of heirship according to the will, issue of certificate of heirship according to the law ...

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Registration acts

State registration of real estate title (proprietary right, encumbrance, mortgage, other property right), Obtaining information from the State Register of Encumbrances over Movable Property ...

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Other acts

Conduct of executory endorsements, protesting of notes and bills, Acceptance of documents for storage, Issue of duplicates of notary documents ...

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Yuliia Myroslavivna Uhrynovska

Public Notary of Ivano-Frankivsk Municipal Notarial District. She has been conducting her activity under the Notary Commission No.6312, as of February 19, 2007. Registration Certificate on registration of private notary activity No.114, issued by Head Department of Justice in Ivano-Frankivsk region as of November 07, 2007.


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Certificates of Proficiency


What document does the notary require to identify the person, applying for notarization? Why am I required to submit passport when applying to the notary? Is it legal?

Yes, it is legal, as the notary follows art. 43 of the Notaries Act of Ukraine. According to it, when notarizing, the notaries identify persons of civil relations participants that apply for notarization.

Identification of person shall be conducted via passport of the citizen of Ukraine or other documents, which make any doubts impossible concerning the citizen, who applied for notarization (passport of the citizen of Ukraine, passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad, diplomatic or service passport, seafarer identity card, crew member certificate, permanent residence permit of a person, residing in Ukraine, internal passport of a foreigner or document, substituting, certificate of a disabled person or certificate of a participant in the Great Patriotic War, certificate, issued at place of employment of a person).

How can the lender obtain funds, having a notary certified Loan Agreement?

The notary is enabled to conduct executory endorsement about collection of funds without judicial procedure according to art. 87 of the Notaries Act of Ukraine and art. 26 of the Law of Ukraine “About ensuring the creditor’s claims and encumbrance records”. According to art. 88 of the Notaries Act of Ukraine, the notary conducts executory endorsements, if the submitted documents evidence indisputability of unpaid balance or other debtor liability against the creditor and in case if not more than three years passed since the day of right of claim, and not more than one year – in case of relations among enterprises, establishments and organizations.


Please, clarify if it is possible to notarize immovable property sales agreement with simultaneous conveyance to mortgage?

Yes, it is possible. According to Art. 18 of the Law of Ukraine “On mortgage”, if the mortgage covers loan, credit for purchase of immovable property, conveyed to mortgage, sales agreement of this immovable property and mortgage agreement may be concluded simultaneously. It shall be mentioned that according to art.  55 of the Notaries Act of Ukraine, the mortgage agreements, the subject of which is the real estate, belonging to the third parties and shall be ownership of the mortgagor after concluding this agreement, shall be certified before execution of the established under legislation document on the entitlement of the mortgagor for the property.

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