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Private Notary of the Ivano-Frankivsk City Notary District. Carries out professional activity on the basis of the Certificate of the right to practice notarial activity № 6312 of February 19, 2007. Registration certificate of registration of private notarial activity No. 114 was issued by the Main Department of Justice in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast on November 07, 2007.

The most important responsibilities of the Notary Public are:

  • Clarification of rights and duties;
  • Assistance to natural persons and legal entities in exercise of their rights and protection of their legal interests;
  • Notification of consequences of the conducted notarial events so that legal unawareness should not be used to damage them;
  • Qualified and professional assistance, when notary public is required;
  • Keeping of notarial secrecy as a result of notarial events.

Qualification confirmation

The notary public refuses to conduct notarial deed if:

  • It contradicts the legislature of Ukraine;
  • No information or documents, required for notarial deed are submitted;
  • The deed shall be conducted by other notary public;
  • There are doubts that the natural person, applying to conduct the notarial deed, is aware of nature, contents, legal consequences or there is doubt that the person is influenced by act of force;
  • The person, applying to conduct a notarial deed, is duly recognized as one under a disability, or the authorized representative has no duly executed authorization;
  • The deed of the legal entity contradicts the aims, set in the Charter or provisions, or goes beyond the activity;
  • Person, applying to conduct notarial deed, has not paid the fee;
  • Person, applying to conduct notarial deed, has not paid the fees, foreseen by the law to conduct it.

Refusal to conduct the notarial deed is one of the means to protect property rights and legal interests of natural persons and legal entities.

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