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Other acts

Conduct of executory endorsements

The privilege of executory endorsement is that this document allows to simplify the procedure of application for recovery of property without application to court. The executory endorsement is conducted by the notary in the original of the document, establishing the debt. The period, within which the executory endorsement is conducted, shall be no more than three years since the day of emergence of right of claim, and in relations among legal entities – no more than one year. The executory endorsement, as of which the recoverer or promisor is a natural person, is subject to compulsory enforcement within a year since the moment of its performance.

List of documents, required for execution:

  1. The document, establishing debt or deed, suggesting charge request for property on basis of executory endorsements.
  2. Statement of the recoverer or his/her authorised representative.
  3. In case of violation of main commitment and/or terms of mortgage agreement – sent notification (written request to eliminate violations) of mortgagee.
  4. Other documents, mentioned in the List of Documents, as of which recovery of unpaid balance is conducted in indisputable order on basis of executory endorsements of notaries, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 29.06.1999 No.1172.

Protesting of notes and bills

Bill is a security, evidencing absolute liability of the bill drawer or his order to the third party to pay after maturity date a determined sum of to the bill drawer. Protest of bill is a notary event, officially notarizing the fact of full unpaid balance under the bill.

List of documents, required for execution:

  1. Bill with description.
  2. Statement of bill drawer about protest of bill, signed by hum and ensealed (if available).

Acceptance of documents for storage

As of the statement of the concerned person, the notary accepts documents for storage. To confirm this, the notary issues to the person having submitted them, a certificate accompanied with a copy of description, if such was held. The accepted documents are stored in a separate pack in safe of a notary and are returned against request of a person, having submitted them for storage or his/her authorised representative against submission of a certificate and a copy of description or as of decision of court.

Issue of duplicates of notary documents

There occur situations when document, issued by a notary, is lost or damaged. In this case, as of written statement of a person, by whose  order or towards who notarial event was conducted, the notary issues a duplicate of this document.

In case of issuance of will duplicate to the heirs or testamentary executor, the notary shall be provided with death certificate of the testator, as well as documents, evidencing their family relations. The duplicate of secret will shall not be issued.

Issue of certificates about purchase of property at public tenders (auctions)

List of documents, required for execution:

  1. Certificate about public tender, auction.

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The notary shall be provided only with originals of documents to conduct notarization!

It is not permitted to conduct notarization when persons - its participants or their authorised representatives are absent.

When applying to the notary:

For natural persons

The following shall be submitted:

  • Passport or other document, substituting it
  • As well as taxpayer identification number.

In case when a representative of a natural person acts, the following shall be submitted:

  • Passport of the representative (or other document, substituting it);
  • taxpayer identification number.
  • notarized power of attorney.

For legal entities

The following shall be submitted:

  • Passport of the representative or other document, substituting it;
  • taxpayer identification number.
  • Copy (extract) from the Unified State registration system of legal entities, private entrepreneurs (if available);
  • documents, evidencing authorities of representative (it may be: Charter + copy of minutes (decision) about selection of the chief + copy of order about appointment of him or notarized power of attorney), In case, if it is provided by the Charter - decision of the authorised body of the legal entity for relevant deed (action).

If the legal entity is registered after 2016, than instead of submitting the original of the Charter and copy (extract), only code of description may be informed - in this case the notary will be able to familiarise with the documents online.

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